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Comprehensive Frameworks Course

Master essential consulting frameworks with our expertly crafted case studies and 25+ training modules. Get Aurora Prep Certified to stand out on your resume.

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Interactive Case Practice

Sharpen your skills with over 30+ case simulations and our state-of-the-art case interview practice. Increase your speed and accuracy with our mental math training center.

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Track your learning journey with our intuitive progress dashboard. We use powerful machine learning techniques to analyze your performance over time, identifying areas for improvement.

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Receive personalized feedback from experienced consultants and get instant support with your own personal AI-Tutor, available 24/7 to answer your questions and enhance your skills.

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Management Consulting Course

Master the fundamentals with our comprehensive course, featuring interactive quizzes to reinforce your learning.

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Interactive Case Studies

Practice with real-world scenarios and receive immediate feedback to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

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Quantitative Math Practice

Enhance your mental math abilities with targeted exercises designed for quick calculations in case interviews.

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AI Resume Reviewer

Optimize your resume for top consulting firms with our advanced AI-powered feedback system.

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